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The Many Uses of Power Scripts for Jira

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Every team has a long list things they'd like to automate to make their Jira processes run more seamlessly, and Power Scripts, an Atlassian plugin developed by CPrime, can assist with that! Power Scripts uses Simple Issue Language (SIL) to provide an easy way to automate processes in Jira to fit your company's needs.

Following are a couple of ways to use to use Power Scripts to automate things in Jira.


If your organization has a large dataset of third-party companies you work with, it would be convenient to not have to update the built-in Jira select list every time a new company is onboarded. Using Power Scripts in combination with another powerful functionality, Power Custom Fields (PCFU), you can keep a select list up-to-date with the latest list of custom field options directly from your database or any datasource SIL script you wish to pull from! 


SQL Datasource


select company from companies
where name like 'third_party';


Here's another example: your organization has a Jira project with each third-party company's information under one issue and you want to create a custom field that returns the companies' names, so the user is able to choose the company while submitting a Jira issue.


SIL Datasource


KPOption[] options;
string[] issues = selectIssues("project = COMPANIES and issueType =\"3rd-Party\"");
for(string issue in issues) {
    KPOption option;
    option.label = %issue%.summary;
    option.value = issue;
    options = addElement(options, option);
return options;



In addition to having the ability to create a datasource once the user selects an option, you can trigger an SIL script for post-actions. For example, when an option is selected for a specific Issue Type, set a Custom Field to a new value.


//Set Customfield2 when the issuetype is Sample, NOTE: Customfield1 is the PCFU field
if(issueType == "Sample") {
    %key%.#{Customfield2} = "SAMPLE"


Take advantage of these functionalities that give a new face to Jira, automate what you have always dreamed of, and allow Power Scripts to take control. 

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