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Guest Contributor: Cody Currie


As we all know, there is a huge difference between ground-based (Server and Data Center) and cloud-based Atlassian tooling. Both have clear advantages and disadvantages, so making the decision on what's best for your organization can be challenging. But there are a couple of standout features that Atlassian Cloud has in its corner. Here are two important benefits of using the Cloud deployment option for your Atlassian tools:


Increased Speed & Efficiency

Because Atlassian Cloud tools are cloud-based (obviously), there are some clear speed increases over the ground tools. For example, in Server and Data Center, your organization will sometimes have to schedule downtime for updates. This means some of your workforce might be blocked from working for a period of time. But with Cloud, the updates are instant. Meaning that your instances will never have to experience manual downtime ever again. This is a clear victory for Atlassian Cloud vs. the on-premise versions. 


No Hardware Necessary

Because Server & Data Center require you to either purchase hardware or rent someone else's—like from AWS, for example—you incur some extra expenses on top of licensing and app costs. But on Cloud, you pay one, all-inclusive price. This is a huge win for companies who are looking to be cost-effective with their Atlassian investment.

Now obviously, nothing is perfect in this world, so I want to at least give the ground-based tools a shoutout for a very important reason. The tools on Atlassian Data Center are much more customizable than they are on Cloud. This allows you to create the instance your company truly needs, without cutting any corners. 


Atlassian Cloud or Data Center? What's Right for You?

Cloud and Data Center both have their pros and cons. Making the right decision really comes down to looking at what gets you closest to what your organization wants and needs. For more information, you might want to check out our on-demand webinar on this exact topic. Or you can always reach out to us--your friendly Atlassian experts--at any time for more information.


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