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When your company doubles in size, everyone needs something built yesterday. This is when most companies struggle with their Jira instance. They build. They create new fields. They make ridiculous workflows. Projects that are never used get created and never archived. The following is a list of a few things that help alleviate the stress of fast growth, without compromising your infrastructure or instance...

Use shared configuration for new projects.

You can use the templated projects that come with Jira, but that gets messy fast. Use the shared configuration option when building a new project so everyone’s on the same scheme. This stops overly customized projects from occurring. 


Use role-based permission schemes.

This is a fast way to get people to manage themselves. The project administrators will be able to make adjustments to projects on the fly without turning to administrators every time they need assistance.


Use apps, but don't go overboard!

Apps are a quick and easy way to get things done. While it is easy to go overboard, there are always a few essentials that can help you while you expand. A few examples are Eazybi/Dataplane for metrics, JWME/JSU for automation, and Dynamic Forms.


Be judicious about what you build.

It’s easy to get caught up in requests for something new. Take a breath, think, and ask yourself if the request makes sense. It’s easy to add to the environment but is much more difficult to remove things from it.


Press pause on scripting.

While you’re trying to play catch-up with the flood of incoming requests, put a stop to overly customized work. Scripting takes a lot of resources and can quickly destabilize your environment. Hold on to these types of requests until they can be properly vetted, and the right amount of resources can be spent on them.


And remember, growing pains are normal.

Growing pains are a normal process that occurs with companies. Your environment doesn’t have to struggle with it. These tips will help maintain a healthy environment until you’re able to re-evaluate your needs, dedicate the resources, and possibly set up a roadmap for your instance.


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