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When trying to conjure up a word to describe the year 2020 for Isos, the only one I seem to be able to come up with is discordant. We've experienced some incredible highs, which have been slightly marred by some tricky lows. Well, two particular "lows," really. First, the COVID-19 pandemic that became an unwelcome reality across the world in the early days of 2020. I don't think anybody was prepared for the havoc this nasty, mutating virus would have on families, global healthcare, the economy, and businesses like ours. Second, the senseless murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests--peaceful and otherwise--that have rocked our nation to its very core.

Back to Isos. Here's an example of the discordance we felt earlier this year: We were initially thrilled to be Gold Sponsors for Atlassian Summit 2020 in Las Vegas, only to be saddened by the news in March that the live event was cancelled. But then Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 came into our lives, and we were happy once again. Up...down...round and round. For certain, 2020 has brought the highest of highs to us (see below), and the lowest of lows (shock and sadness over the tragic events happening in our nation and the world), all in the span of five months.


Our New Normal...Remote Work All the Time

Despite all of the complications and uncertainty that COVID-19 and state-imposed curfews have brought to the table, our company has persevered through this "new normal." In fact, dare we say that remote work is here to stay for technical peeps? If so, then we're golden here at Isos. We're already quite accustomed to working remotely, since we have employees sprinkled all across the U.S., in various cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Washington, DC.

But, dare we also say that we've gotten even better at working remotely over the last few months? It's true! We've perfected the virtual scrum, stand up, company meeting, team meeting, and employee review, to name a few. We've even tossed in a few fun virtual events, too! We've had team and company virtual happy hours, and the other night, we had a virtual cooking class hosted by one of Isos' master chefs. While we still have pangs of loneliness and miss our co-workers and friends (low), we are grateful for our health and the ability to bond and catch up through the gift of technology (high).


Two Amazing Highs in 2020

There are two incredible highs that we're over the moon about, both of which have happened in the first half of 2020. The first is one that we announced in late March, that Atlassian named us "Partner of the Year: Enterprise" for 2019. We have worked tirelessly over the years to develop and cultivate our relationships with our clients, as well as with Atlassian. We are 100% committed to providing our clients with every, single Atlassian need...soup to nuts. This award means the world to us. It is amazing to get recognition from an organization we have mad respect for, and it's even more amazing to know that our clients trust us implicitly with their Atlassian tools.

In honor of this award, our graphic design team cooked up a little picture that I hope you'll enjoy...please meet our Star Trek: The Next Generation team, Thad West (Jean-Luc Picard..."baldly" going where no man has gone before...), Mike March (William Riker), and Danny Riley (Data). We also hope you'll get a kick out of the two Andorians (better known as Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founders of Atlassian). And what's the most exciting for us...Atlassian liked this pic so much that they shared it on their social media channels!   

The other high is one we still can't quite believe...Isos is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this month! We've come a long way from the days when Isos consisted solely of its co-founders, a few nerdy software developers who had a burning desire to solve real-world business problems by using emergent technologies. Our company and our services have grown exponentially since then, and every day we are so grateful that we get to work together to fulfill our goals and achieve our professional dreams.

To celebrate this milestone, Sonny Coccera, COO, conducted a panel interview of five long-time Isosians who share their thoughts on what we've learned about technology, Atlassian, and ourselves over the years. Here's what they had to say.


Final Thoughts About This Wacky Year

Yep, 2020 has been discordant, all right. But that's what life is, right? Highs and lows. You have to push through the lows to appreciate and celebrate the highs. If nothing else, these past few months have brought all of us that perspective. While we might complain about being quarantined...and fret about the heath and safety of loved ones...and laugh at funny memes that say things like, "I hope I never have 2020 hindsight," the events of this year have also proven that we are tough. We are adaptable. And just like Atlassian attests, we all work better as a team.

Keeping in line with the Star Trek theme of this blog, remember our friend Spock's words of wisdom..."Change is the essential process of all existence." This year has been fraught with (sometimes scary and devastating) change, but it's also showcasing amazing trends towards teamwork, compassion, innovation, adaptability, creativity, and resolve. That is change that I can get behind 100%.


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