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In the current state of things (a.k.a. the COVID-19 pandemic), finding a way to work from home has become essential. However, for most people, working from home is a new feature. This makes it hard to navigate, since this new feature doesn’t come with any documentation.

Here are a few tips for increasing your productivity and concentration while working from home:

  • Invest in a Headset 
    • This is one of the more important things you can purchase for working from home. It blocks out other noises, ensures that meetings are easy to hear, and stops the sounds of “JENNIFER STOLE MY DOLL!!” in the background.
  • Get Comfortable
    • This could mean a desk or a really comfy chair. For me, it means PJs, a bed lap desk, and super soft sheets.
    • With long days, I find it easiest to bang out my work where I’m most comfortable.
  • Find a Serious Place
    • For meetings and calls, it’s best to have a dedicated place to take them from. For video conferences, it’s important to “set the tone” and ensure that people aren’t questioning the headboard or pile of laundry in the background. 
  • Take Breaks
    • In a typical workplace, you’ll get up, talk with co-workers, grab some snacks, grab some lunch. But when you’re working from home, these breaks are less organic. Mike isn’t there to nudge you to ask if you want to grab some coffee. So, set a reminder to get up, walk around, grab coffee or tea, and grab lunch! 

If all else fails, go into your car and spend an hour working in silence from there. Sometimes the change of scenery helps... and you can lock the doors to prevent others from interrupting you. 

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