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Atlassian's most popular and best-attended annual event, Summit, was decidedly different this year. As I mentioned in a previous blog, "What Doesn't Happen in Vegas," the Isos team had a few brief moments of sadness over the cancellation of the live event, but quickly rebounded when we heard that Remote Summit 2020 was happening. COVID-19 has caused a huge shift in the way people learn and absorb information, and this year's Summit was no exception. Atlassian hosted several virtual events during Remote Summit, the topics of which ranged from announcements about existing tools to product launches to best practices.

If you missed Remote Summit this year, fear not. I'm going to share some of the important info I learned:

  • Atlassian continues to bolster its commitment to Cloud, now offering all of its tools for free on Cloud for up to 10 users.
  • Existing customers can take advantage of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to support their transition from Server.
  • Atlassian is supporting educators by offering a free one-year subscription to Trello Business Class.
  •  Another perk for current Atlassian customers is that any previously paid Server maintenance will be applied towards Cloud licenses. Furthermore, extended Cloud Trial Licenses are available for current Server and Data center customers.
  • In order to meet the security, administrative and governance needs of enterprise customers, Atlassian will soon release Enterprise Cloud. Check out my partner-in-crime Lia Wood's blog posts on this topic.
  • For current and future Data Center customers, new versions of this deployment option will include some great new features, such as: Improved sprint management, adjustable capacity management sprint velocity for Portfolio for Jira, a new feature where you can embed Portfolio plans in live Confluence pages, a new connector for Jira Align and Trello, and a multilingual JSD portal. 
  • Atlassian has made the decision to transition Data Center from a clustered deployment solution into a self-managed enterprise edition. Meaning, for customers who don't require high availability, clustering is now an optional feature. You'll be able to run Data Center with the exact same architecture that you're using in Server. All you have to do is drop in your new license key and you can upgrade in two minutes.

Those are just a few of the many announcements that Atlassian made at Remote Summit 2020. While nothing compares to the excitement and adrenaline rush of Summit's live expo...or keynotes from Scott and Mike...or Bash, Atlassian did a great job of quickly pivoting their annual event amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. What resulted was a concise, informative virtual event, chock full of exciting product and company news.

While we Isosians missed meeting Summit attendees face-to-face, we came away from Remote Summit 2020 feeling incredibly proud to be an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner (not to mention the pride we felt when presented with an incredible award from Atlassian).

To all our customers, partners and friends within the Atlassian ecosystem, we can't wait to see you next year (April 20-22, 2021, to be exact...) in Las Vegas!   Atlassian Solution Partner

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