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Untitled-144Becoming a Jira administrator doesn't have to be trial by fire. There are training classes that will greatly benefit Jira administrators of all levels, whether you're brand new to the admin game or looking to learn advanced skills.

When most people begin working as a Jira admin, they quickly realize that administering schemes is like a spider web. While there’s a ton of documentation out there about how to use and administer Jira, the best way to untangle the mess and understand how to build Jira schemes is through training. Isos Technology's Jira Basics for Administrators class covers everything a Jira admin needs to get started.

For more advanced admins, Atlassian provides in-depth training courses that are great for learning specifics. With a long list of free training courses, it’s easy to start learning more complex solutions and admin tools. If the free options don’t cover what you're looking to learn, Atlassian also offers plenty of paid courses that provide even more information. 

Finally, if all of these options have been exhausted and more help is needed, it might be time to consider a more hands-on approach. Isos Technology offers both customized training and managed services to provide admins with the support and expertise they need to be successful.

Instead of fumbling around in the dark, it’s beneficial to first spend time learning the basics, and then move into the more advanced options of Jira administration. Instead of being unsure how to build...then building...then slowly redoing builds after learning new strategies. Training will reduce the amount of rebuilds needed. Not only does this save time and money in the long run, it helps your whole team get the most out of your Atlassian tools.

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