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Working in Slack? Halp May be the Ticketing Solution for You!

Atlassian, Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez


As a Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we are consistently helping companies use Atlassian tools across a variety of business functions. I've personally helped implement these tools for teams ranging from IT to Human Resources. And without a doubt, implementing Jira Service Desk as a service management solution is one of our most frequent requests.  Isos Technology was even nominated as Atlassian Partner of the Year: 2017 for Jira Service Desk, based on the multiple JSD implementations we did (and continue to do). It's safe to say that Jira Service Desk is our jam. 

Halp to the Rescue!

As of May 2020, we acquired a new player in the IT Services market. Atlassian recently acquired Halp, the modern help desk ticketing tool in Slack. Since the majority of my career has been spent at a help desk, the idea of working out of Slack intrigued me. So, like the true nerd that I am, I had to check it out.

To help you understand how it works, I'll walk you through a recent use case for one of my clients:

The problem: We need to track PTO requests, but our HR team isn't very tech savvy. We are all big fans of Slack, and we would like to track those request in the app. Is it possible?

The Solution: HALP! Halp can definitely get this done.


Setting up Halp & Slack

1. You'll need help installing Halp into Slack. Nudge your Slack admin and ask for help!

2. Once Halp is installed, you'll need to create two channels:

  1. This channel is for everyone in the company: #request-time-off
  2. This channel is for HR only, and it's private: #PTO-request

3. Once the channels are created, be sure to invite Halp to each channel.

4. Bam! Now in the Halp settings, you can create your own form. This is great if you need to get specific info, but isn't required. In this case, I need users to give us the date they're taking PTO and their manager's name. 

5. Test it out!


What Does it Look Like?

Users head over to #request-time-off slack channel, and they type in /halp and hit enter. This appears:



Users choose PTO Request and fill out the details, like this:image2020-5-29_14-0-16


HR peeps in the #pto-request slack channel then get notified like this:



HR peeps can then acknowledge the user by adding the ticket emoji and communicate with them through the #pto-request slack channel, like this:



And that's all folks. Working in Slack has never been easier. We no longer have to toggle back and forth between different applications and platforms. Stay tuned for more ways to use Halp in your organization!


Atlassian Solution Partner

TAGS: Atlassian, Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management

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