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The Difference Between Atlassian Cloud & Server Apps: the BigPicture for Jira Example

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When moving from a server environment to the Atlassian Cloud platform, there are several steps to make sure you are ready. You can read about this in my co-worker Tad Fox's blog, 5 Questions to Ask When Getting Ready for Atlassian Cloud. This quick read has some sound advice to get ready for the move.

In this post, I want to expand on something Tad mentioned: "Go through your Jira ... Apps." In this use case, I will focus on the BigPicture app and how an evaluation of the differences between the Server and Cloud versions could impact the app experience after moving to Atlassian Cloud. 

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To understand the impact of moving a BigPicture instance from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud, I set up a free Cloud instance and installed the BigPicture app for a trial run.

To keep this moving quickly, you can use the sample data that Jira offers when creating a new board, or use the evaluation data available from the BigPicture app. This last option is what I went with, as it also establishes a Program where I can work, with saving time in the evaluation.

Here is what I found:

  • When working in the Gantt and Scope module views of BigPicture on the Server platform, it is possible to enable a "Detail View" from the BigPicture View menu where the full issue will display in a panel to the right. In the Cloud platform, this is not available. This could result in a slower editing experience of the content contained in the issues your plan is built to manage. To quickly edit tasks in BigPicture, the fastest process would be to load the Jira project issues in a second tab, and swap between that tab and one with BigPicture loaded as needed.
  • Also, in Gantt and Scope module views on the Server platform, it is possible to click on an issue and use the keyboard shortcut 'E' to Edit the issue in a pop-up modal. Yep, you guessed it--not in the Cloud platform.
  • Another key difference in Cloud, it is not possible to create sub-tasks from inside BigPicture as is done on the Server platform.

  • Menu locations - The new Jira Cloud menu has been moved to the top to help users coming from the Server platform feel more at home. However, apps do not get their own top-level menu in Atlassian Cloud. They are grouped together under the Apps drop-down menu. For BigPicture, this means the Home and Admin menu option typically found under BigPicture will display in a left-hand menu panel. 
  • Advanced logging is not available in Cloud. Atlassian manages the instance, so access to logs for more in-depth information is not accessible to end users.

This blog is not an exhaustive list of differences BigPicture has between the platforms by any means. There is a list available in the documentation for BigPicture. From this short review, there are obviously some key changes that would need to be worked around when moving to Atlassian Cloud and using the BigPicture app.  

Any other apps that are in use may benefit from a similar review to understand what might change in the move. Hopefully, this provides help to think about critical apps and what features are needed. Use the quick strategy to see what to expect before moving to Atlassian Cloud.

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