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We have been working in the public sector for years. From being on the GSA Schedule 70, to partnering with other primes, we have had our hand in some very interesting Atlassian public sector projects. So when Atlassian announced that they were putting extra rigor around working in the public sector, we were thrilled. Other than having a fancy new badge to pair with our 2019 Partner of the Year: Enterprise badge (sorry, I couldn't resist, we are very proud of that distinction...), here's what it means for those in the public sector.

A Committed Partner

Public sector clients want (deserve) an Atlassian Partner who is committed to working in their unique environment. Atlassian agrees and is putting the following checks in place:

  • Active Silver Status or higher in the Atlassian Solution Partner Program
  • Designated government business development resources
  • Designated government technical resources
  • Executive Sponsor and commitment to Government business

There are a handful of other requirements, but we feel these are the key differentiators that separate the casual government partner from the serious government partner.


A Partner Who Understands Your Procurement Complexities

The buying process in the public sector is definitely a completely different beast than in the commercial sector. Government customers do not want to educate their partners on how to get a deal done. They want their partners to not only understand the process, but to work with them to get deals done with the least amount of friction. Having been on the GSA Schedule 70 for years, we are very familiar with this process. We are also keenly aware that being a small business with a GSA Schedule 70 is not always enough for procurement, so we maintain active partnerships with other organizations to meet many different requirements (like SDVOSB and SEWP partners).


A Partner Who Understands Your Unique Technical & Security Requirements

Need to authenticate with CAC? Looking to deploy in AWS GovCloud? These are just a few of the unique government technologies we have worked with over the years. The point is that you need a partner who understands the technology you use. Just like you don't want to have to educate your partner on the procurement process, you definitely don't want to have to educate your partner on the technology.


Public Sector customers require a different type of dedication and expertise compared to the traditional commercial customers. Government contracting and funding processes are generally very different than the commercial sector. Atlassian created this program to help public sector customers identify and align with a Solution Partner that has the training and resources to deliver Atlassian solutions to government teams. Needless to say, we welcome this new program and are excited to be inaugural members.

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