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Webinar: Best Practices For Transitioning to Atlassian's Enterprise Cloud

Atlassian Cloud


Register today for Atlassian's September 28th webinar, an informative session featuring panelists from both Atlassian and Isos Technology. Get actionable tips and tricks for successfully transitioning your Jira and Confluence deployments to Enterprise Cloud.

Tune in for a 30-minute fireside chat with our very own Rodney West, Senior Atlassian Consultant from Isos Technology. Rodney and Aditya Ghule, Senior Product Marketing Manger for Atlassian, will tap into Rodney's vast experience working with Atlassian's enterprise customers to share tips and tricks for successfully transitioning to cloud. The webinar will cover a range of topics including:

  • Drivers to move or upgrade to enterprise cloud
  • Building a successful business case internally
  • Anticipating potential friction areas for the transition
  • Re-assessing needs and challenging the status-quo
  • Choosing the right strategies to scale to enterprise cloud

You won't want to miss this upcoming webinar on Thursday, September 28th at 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT


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About the Speakers

Aditya Ghule

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Aditya is responsible for driving go-to-market strategy for Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. He has over six years of product marketing experience at leading enterprise software firms. Passionate about Atlassian products, he joined the TEAM to help customers uncover the value of its latest enterprise-grade offering. When not thinking about go-to-market strategy and tactics, you can find him supporting Manchester United football club.



Aditya Ghule

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian



Rodney West

Senior Atlassian Consultant, Isos Technology

Rodney West brings a combination of social engineering and technical expertise to all client engagements, which has made him a highly successful software architect, functional consultant, and core member of Isos Technology's Atlassian Service Delivery team. He has been a technology consultant for over twenty years and has delivered enterprise solutions across a wide range of industries.



Rodney West

Senior Atlassian Consultant, Isos Technology


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