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Are Atlassian Managed Services Right for You?

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So you need help managing your Atlassian applications and don't have the staff to do it. The perfect solution for your team may very well be Atlassian Managed Services...and at Isos Technology, we're here to help you figure that out. First, though, a little background on just what the term "managed services" means.

What Exactly are Managed Services?

The concept of "managed services" is broad and encompasses a wide range of support offerings in the IT world. In general, the goal is to outsource management and support of specific technology to acquire high-quality service and reduce costs. By hiring consultants with specialized knowledge and experience, companies can stay focused on their priorities while crucial IT systems keep humming along without disruption. While much of the managed services world is focused on more traditional forms of enterprise-like help desk support, the same practice applies to the Atlassian ecosystem, as well.


How Do Managed Services Work?

So how exactly does this work? In theory, when you sign up for Managed Services, you are handing over full ownership, but this isn't always the case. The scope of support provided can vary greatly based on the needs of the business, and that's to be expected. For example, if you're running Atlassian applications through Cloud, you won't need engineering support for upgrades or incident responsethat's all handled by Atlassianbut you might need help setting up new projects or onboarding users. Or, maybe your company has limited resources and needs help keeping your Data Center deployment updated and optimized. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so your Atlassian Managed Services will look different depending on who you are and what your business needs might be.


Isos Technology Takes a Customized Approach

At Isos, we take this concept to heart. We work hard to customize our approach for our customers and provide a Managed Services experience that truly adds value. We aim to build strategic partnerships through high-quality, personalized service that aligns with your needs.

Not sure where to start or if Managed Services are right for you? Get in touch, and we'll help you figure it out, regardless of whether we're the answer or not.


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