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Many organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy to meet today’s business needs. From global teams and complex technology stacks, to strict security and reliability requirements, companies have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right environment to operate in. Atlassian has been investing heavily in Cloud as its primary focus, and wants to make Cloud the right fit for every organization across its client base. And with over 80% of Fortune 500 organizations using Atlassian products, it makes sense that Atlassian would come up with a solution specifically for enterprises. Atlassian’s newest Cloud option, Cloud Enterprise, is the most advanced Cloud offering for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management.

Cloud Enterprise incorporates the robust features and functionality of Cloud Premium, with several additional benefits that make it an attractive option for enterprises that previously wanted or needed to operate in an on-premise Server or Data Center environment.


Scalability & Reliability

Cloud Enterprise is ideal for growing organizations that need to scale quickly and reliably. A single Cloud Enterprise instance can currently have up to 10,000 users, with an increase to 20,000 users expected later in 2021. For organizations with more than 20,000 users, Cloud Enterprise offers unlimited instances. This allows companies to:

  • Separate product instances for different business units by region, line of business, or team
  • Enable data segregation and security for sensitive information
  • Customize instances with different fields, workflows or apps based on the needs of each group of users.
  • Access multiple instances with one Cloud Enterprise seat license

In terms of reliability, Cloud Enterprise offers the highest guarantee from Atlassian, with a 99.95% uptime SLA. That’s less than 21 minutes of downtime per month for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management. Cloud Enterprise clients also get the highest level of cloud support from a dedicated team of Customer Success Managers, including phone support, 24/7 coverage, and a 30-minute response time for critical issues.


Security & Compliance

Security and compliance regulations are often the main reasons many Isos clients choose to operate on Atlassian Server or Data Center instead of Cloud. Cloud Enterprise addresses these needs with several options that weren’t previously available for Cloud.

The most significant of these options is data residency support for Jira Software and Confluence. For organizations that need more control, Cloud Enterprise gives organizations the ability to specify a geographic realm where product content is physically located. The U.S. and the EU are the two realms currently available, with Atlassian promising more regions to come. Also on Atlassian’s roadmap for Cloud Enterprise are data residency support for Marketplace apps, and support for more regulated industries, such as government in the U.S. (FEDRAMP), healthcare in the U.S. (HIPAA), and financial services in the U.S., Europe, and AU.

Another perk of Cloud Enterprise is that Atlassian Access is included in the plan. This is Atlassian’s enterprise-grade security and governance offering that works across Atlassian products. Atlassian Access enables SAML SSO, automatic user provisioning, Active Directory sync, an organization audit log, enforced 2-step verification, and more to centralize user and policy management, enhance security and compliance, and streamline user lifecycle management.



Also making life easier for enterprise administrators is the Admin Hub, which gives administrators one place to see and manage users, instances, and product access. User management features include domain claim and capture to bring all users with a specified domain under the organization as managed accounts, and the ability to edit, deactivate, review access, and delete managed accounts. Product access management features include:

  • An organization-wide user list for all of an enterprise’s instances
  • Multi-product access from one screen
  • The ability to manage groups and use those groups across multiple instances and products
  • A detailed product access breakdown – plan, pricing, and utilization.

Cloud Enterprise is also Atlassian’s only Cloud tier that offers organization-level billing.

If your enterprise is considering migrating to Cloud or upgrading your current Cloud environment, there are multiple resources available to help make the decision—and your transition—easier. Read our comprehensive Migrating to Atlassian Cloud guide to learn more, or reach out to our team here at Isos Technology to see how we can help.

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