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This whitepaper introduces the concept of enterprise service management (ESM), and explores two critical issues that ESM solves for enterprises: improving knowledge management and modernizing business operations. Both are necessary to foster innovation, gain efficiencies, improve customer and employee experiences, and gather insights to inform decision-making.

What You'll Learn 

  • Solving critical issues for underserved areas of the business like HR, accounting, facilities, marketing, legal, and more
  • Knowledge management in the age of disruption
  • How an integrated ESM/ITSM platform can transform work and modernize business operations
  • And much more!
More companies than ever are undertaking digital transformation initiatives, or progressing further in their journey. While digital transformation is as much about people and practices as it is about technology and tools, technology plays a pivotal and foundational role. 
A survey from MuleSoft in collaboration with Deloitte Digital found that the average enterprise has 900 applications, but fewer than 30% of them are integrated. This lack of integration stymies productivity, limits the ability to identify data-driven insights that drive innovation and value, and creates friction in customer and employee experiences. For any enterprise undertaking a digital transformation journey, it is imperative to create a universal system of work, in which as much work as possible takes place in a single, integrated platform. And for any work that does not, information must still flow seamlessly between the main platform and external tools.
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As digital transformation initiatives mature, they are moving into the enterprise at large. Public- and private-sector industries as wide-ranging as healthcare, consumer goods, transportation, finance, and education are all-embracing transformation. Initiatives are moving beyond IT departments, originating in often-underserved areas of the enterprise, including accounting, facilities, human resources, legal, marketing, and other business operations teams. These teams also stand to benefit from a universal system of connected work that improves the flow of work, increases predictability and the ability to measure work, decreases time to completion, simplifies scaling, and improves customer and employee experiences.
As part of their overarching digital transformation efforts, savvy organizations have begun leveraging IT service management (ITSM) expertise, as well as technology platforms, in other areas of their business that take in requests, serve internal and/or external customers, and manage repeatable workflows. This concept is called enterprise service management (ESM), which, simply put, means extending the value of IT across the enterprise by bringing ITSM practices and integrated technology platforms to every department in an organization.
There are two critical issues that ESM solves for enterprises that we will explore in this whitepaper: the first is improving knowledge management, a necessity for innovation, and the second is modernizing business operations, which is necessary to improve both customer and employee experiences, gain efficiencies, and gather insights to inform decision-making.
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