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Why I love Working at Isos

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And I’m back, back again

Ahoy, Folks!! 

Your favorite blogger is back again with some more exciting content from the Atlassian ecosystem! 

Ok, this blog post actually has nothing to do with Atlassian and more to do with Isos Technology specifically. I’m going to spend the next couple of paragraphs bragging about my incredible company. 

These days you can’t watch the news, open social media, or even a Google homepage without seeing some form of negative feedback. Whether it’s politics, your favorite sports team, the latest “gossip” in Hollywood or global warming, there has been a trend of negative. It’s easy to get caught up in that negative “vibe” when it constantly surrounds you. However, with pretty much everything in life, you have a choice. You can choose what news you want to hear, social media sites to visit, and maybe you’re a Firefox kinda human instead of Google! You have all kinds of choices in your life to help steer it toward a more positive experience. 

Which brings me to my choice of employment: Isos Technology. 

When I joined the Isos Technology team back in 2015, I had previously worked at 4 different companies over the course of 6 years. I would begin a job, master it to the best of my ability, grow tired of that work and move on quickly. I had not found a location that truly fulfilled me both in the work I completed and the culture of the company I worked for. And before joining the Isos team, I worried history could repeat itself. I was beginning anew in an industry I knew absolutely NOTHING about. I had no major contacts in technology, barely had used software outside of an iOS application and was still pretty sure a server is what I did to put me through college. I had no business being in this industry. 

… And 5 years later…

I am still here; with bells on. 

Isos Technology has truly become a place I consider home. The people I work with are intelligent, caring, supportive, ambitious, hilarious and so much fun. I have found something greater than a job. I have found a place that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I have found a new thirst for knowledge about anything and everything. I have found a group of individuals who push me to be better and grow constantly. 

In this day and age of so much negative in the world and schedules spinning out of control, it is not lost on me how much positive my company and those in my company bring me each day. 

This blog is a reminder to all, to find something that brings you joy. Stress, work, crazy schedules, will always be there. Our work is something we spend more time doing than anything else in this world, other than sleep. Make sure you find a place that allows you to grow, brings you happiness (along with the occasional stress) and a group of people who empower you. 

Have you found that yet?

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TAGS: Technology, Atlassian, Culture

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