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If you find yourself wondering, “Where the hell did 2021 go?” please know that you are not alone. For many of us, this year disappeared faster than Paris Hilton’s music career. And if you also find yourself pondering if 2021 was any better than 2020, our collective answer is…well, marginally. In 2021, COVID was still an unfortunate presence in our daily lives. Many of us still struggled with the realities of isolation and remote work due to the pandemic. Inflation reached its highest levels in 30 years. Charlie Sheen is still making movies. With all of that to consider, maybe it’s not such a tragedy that 2021 flew by quickly.

Despite all of this yuck, there were some bright spots. At Isos Technology, we feel incredibly grateful that we had a productive year full of growth, opportunity, and prosperity. Our partnership with Atlassian continued to grow and flourish, and we feel exceptionally grateful to call them our partners and friends (...and now we just sound like we’re sucking up, but it’s all 100% true, we promise). 

To that end, we present to you what—in our humble opinion— were the Top 5 Atlassian announcements of 2021. Some were a wee bit scary, some were good, and some were downright awesome...


#5: Atlassian Discontinues Server

If you have even a pinky toe in the Atlassian ecosystem waters, you’ve surely heard by now that the discontinuation of their Server deployment option has caused minor ripples for some organizations and full-on tsunamis for others. This announcement–love it or hate it–has created a lot of buzz in the industry. Our stance is that it is actually a brilliant move on Atlassian’s part, in that it showcases their incredible commitment to technology-forward thinking and the future (which, as both Atlassian and we see it, exists in the cloud). We even wrote a whole blog about this particular topic…you can check it out here.


#4: Awards, Accolades, and Tigers…Oh My!

Okay there are no tigers, but there were plenty of awards and accolades for Atlassian in 2021. In fact, in the last year, they’ve received the following distinctions:

  • Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools
  • Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management
  • Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools

This batch of honors is directly related to the crazy strides Atlassian has made with Jira Service Management and Jira Align over the past year. They're tremendously impactful for their partners (like us) who are out there on the front lines working with these tools every day in a variety of business settings. Plus, they illustrate how invested Atlassian is in the continuous improvement of their products. These accolades are validations from trusted, reputable industry sources that the investments Atlassian has made in their technology are the right move, both at present and for the long term.


#3: Atlassian Launches Enterprise Sales Team

The topic of Atlassian tools for the enterprise is near and dear to our hearts. Maybe it’s because we were the Atlassian Partner of the Year: Enterprise in 2019 (gratuitous humble brag). Or it could be because of our affinity for this picture of our team traversing the final frontier, which Atlassian also liked enough to retweet and share on their social media channels. But #3 on our list is more than a thinly-veiled attempt for us to boast about our awards and photoshop skills. The establishment of Atlassian’s enterprise sales team is a big win for companies in this space. Atlassian now embraces the same sales model as other organizations who sell software to enterprises. This is a serious commitment to enterprise organizations and will add tons of clarity to the sales process for these companies, with no increases in license pricing or complexity. We’re beyond excited for our current and future enterprise clients!


#2: Atlassian Marketplace Surpasses $2 Billion in Lifetime Sales

The Atlassian Marketplace is a bit like The Great British Baking Show. That might seem like a weird comparison, but hear us out. It’s a consistent, soothing presence in our lives that brings us odd amounts of joy. We’re comforted by its existence and know it’s there for us when we need it. All of that aside, the Marketplace also had an extremely successful year, surpassing $2 billion in lifetime sales. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the Atlassian Marketplace is a one-stop shop for apps that customize, enhance, and extend your Atlassian tools. The continuous growth of the Marketplace is a direct reflection of the robustness and health of the Atlassian ecosystem. 


#1: Atlassian Team ‘22, Baby! 

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Atlassian’s annual conference, aptly named “Team.” We’ve been proud sponsors of this flagship event for the last several years, and enjoy every second of it…from the keynotes, to the speaking sessions, to the expo, to Bash, an amazing party with live music, food, drinks, and mingling. COVID put a damper on the live experiences of Team ‘20 and ‘21, but Atlassian successfully pivoted to a virtual experience for attendees with plenty of inspirational speakers and useful talks. Fingers crossed that the dreaded Omicron strain doesn’t interfere with Atlassian’s plans for this year’s hybrid event! Even if it does, we know that a virtual experience really works for Team. We’re anxious to see what Atlassian has in store for its customers and partners in April. We'll see you there!

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