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Before the holidays, I attended an Atlassian Community Event (ACE) in San Diego. If you've never attended such an event you're either not a full fledged Jira nerd fan, or have not been able to fit it on your calendar, or less likely, you are not the President of any of the featured speaker's fan club.


Even if you weren't there, Atlassian was! More specifically, Celina Zamora, Atlassian Sr. Community Manager and she gave us an all around tour of how Atlassian uses Trello. Loved it. Good stuff. She touched on using Trello for their new employee on-boarding, community planning, and few other collaborative uses.

An arguable highlight from the presentation was the sharing from the crowd of some creative ways they've personally used Trello to track some important deets:

  • buying a house -  requirements list, possible candidates list, didn't make the cut list
  • sales team process improvements/goals
  • recipie trackings, full with ingredient lists and all!
  • planning a vacation including all the sites for their whirlwind tour of Europe
  • brewery tracker

In the real world...

That last (though) was a third party share of mine. A use of Trello that had hit my brain cells a few weeks earlier while out to lunch with the team from OPIE Software.  Mr. Jim Bledsoe, Director of DevOps and an avid beer lover (obvi) and aficionado of cross country hiking trails (less obvi) like the Pacific Coast Trail and Appalachian Trail dropped that Trello Board habit on me like a pile of bricks.

Well, maybe not like a pile of bricks, but I am pretty keen on learning from people about what they're most passionate about. I mean, right? Who doesn't love a good romping conversation with someone who is whole-heartedly filled with joy about whatever it is they're talking about. Ok, so needless to say I was stoked to hear about his passion for all things beer, as in drinking it, making it, searching for it throughout Florida, ran smack into my passion for all things Atlassian.

Tell you more about this board you say? Ok, well I'm not sure that Jim's willing to open up his sweet stash of brewery do's and don'ts as a public board ... this isn't Yelp, but here's the rundown. He's got lists for Closed, Losers, Meh, Keepers, and some lists for particular cities around Florida. I don't know about you,  but I can't remember the last time I saw a bar or brewery close down, but hey, I'm from San Diego, mecca of micro breweries. Either way, I would like to remember not to go somewhere if its closed, so good one there, Jim.

Otherwise comments on the other columns give reminders of what was so Meh or Loser about the place and or the beer. I couldn't help but chuckle at some of the comments, especially hearing Jim's particularly smooth yet slightly snarky tone of voice in my head as I read them.  "Usually only one is drinkable".

So there you have it, Trello steps out of the "what can I do with this" and into the "wait, I could have been doing this the whole time".

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