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Best Practices for Jira Software Governance: Projects, Statuses, Custom Fields, and Apps

Atlassian Tools, Jira, Software Solutions

The first step on the Atlassian governance journey is to establish a governance board, or a community of practice. The board should be comprised of a group of people who reflect the makeup of the entire user base, so[...]

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The ABCs of Site Reliability Engineering: SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs

DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, SLO

The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) ethos was invented at Google as a new approach to DevOps. The primary objectives for SRE teams are to improve the uptime and performance of applications to support user[...]

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Insight Asset Management: A Super Cool Tool You Should Be Using with JSM

Atlassian Tools, Jira Service Management

Insight Asset Management is a powerful tool becoming more and more natively integrated with Jira. It used to be a third-party app on the Atlassian Marketplace, but now it’s part of Jira Service Management and[...]

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Power Scripts' SIL Scripting Is, Well, Powerful!

Software Development, Software Solutions

If you use Power Scripts, then you know that SIL scripting can be used for many scenarios - Live Fields, SIL Listeners, and SIL Scheduler are just a few. In this blog post, I'm going to focus on the SIL Validator[...]

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[New Webinar] Atlassian Cloud Migration: Minimize Costs, Reduce Headaches, Accelerate Benefits

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Agile

Many organizations have adopted cloud-first strategies and mandated moving business-critical tools to the cloud. But cloud migrations can be tricky, and what might seem simple or straightforward can quickly turn[...]

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[New Whitepaper] Practical Recommendations for Cleaning and Organizing Your Atlassian Instance

Atlassian, Agile, ITSM, Enterprise Service Management

Many organizations begin using Atlassian tools organically—a team adopts them, finds they streamline work and/or improve efficiency, and over time, they gain broader traction throughout the organization. Multiple[...]

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Three Blind Spots Every Agilist Can Use to Be More Influential


As an agilist, I've heard others talk about how important continuously learning and improving is to the betterment of our work. It's in the agile DNA after all, but what may not be so clear is that we're essentially[...]

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Keep it Real


Every company raves about its company culture, but Isos Technology truly embodies it. From my first day with Isos, I knew I was more than just an "employee".

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Year in Review: Top 5 Atlassian Announcements of 2021

News, Atlassian Tools, Atlassian Cloud

If you find yourself wondering, “Where the hell did 2021 go?” please know that you are not alone. For many of us, this year disappeared faster than Paris Hilton’s music career. And if you also find yourself[...]

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10 Most Popular Resources of 2021



We may be biased when it comes to choosing our favorite content pieces, so we left it up to our readers. According to last year’s data, these pages bounced around the web like a beach ball at a Nickelback[...]

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