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Jared, an Engineering Intern for Isos, is currently a computer science student at Brigham Young University. Jared loves the problem-solving aspect of software development. He enjoys breaking issues down into small, solvable steps and feeling the satisfaction of the moment he makes things work. In his free time, Jared likes to solve puzzles, play games, and hang out with friends. Something interesting about Jared is that he once won a rock paper scissors tournament with 2000 people and won a small blanket.

Why JavaScript Isn't as Bad as Some People Say

Software Development

JavaScript is the second most popular programming language of 2019, according to StackOverFlow. 95% of all websites use it. And if a website doesn’t use it, it’s generally going to be a boring website. Despite its[...]

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Getting to Know Me

Culture, Training

My name is Jared Householder, and my mom says I’m a handsome young man. I’m 19, a little over a semester’s worth of college behind me. I’ve started learning programming when I was about 8 years old, and I love it! I’ve[...]

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