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How Atlassian Is Putting Cloud Marketplace App Security First

We all know by now that Atlassian's goal is to move all customers to the cloud. It won't happen...

22 Sep, 2020

Atlassian's New Forge Platform for Cloud Apps Offers Enhanced Security

Atlassian Cloud has been growing quickly, and it's not difficult to understand why. Teams using ...

29 Jul, 2020

All the Latest on Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistants...and What's Coming Soon!

Atlassian recently released Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira Server, as well as Confluence...

16 Jul, 2020

Confluence REST API with Ansible

In part two of this tutorial we'll be going over how we upload the exercise content to Confluence....

2 Oct, 2019

Intern to Intern Papa

When I first started at Isos Technology as a software development intern I didn't know what to...

3 Sep, 2019

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