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Sonny brings his experience as an enterprise solutions specialist to his role as a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Isos Technology. Sonny applies this skillset in sculpting the overall vision and strategy of Isos Technology. In his eleven plus years in software development, Sonny has amassed an impressive amount of experience with all aspects of delivering enterprise level solutions. During this time, Sonny has remained at the forefront in utilizing emerging technologies to provide optimal enterprise solutions in a variety of industries, including online retail presences, healthcare and education. Sonny has used a musician's finesse to combine years focusing on solutions to business critical client needs with powerful skills in assessing emerging technologies as driving forces in the growth of Isos Technology as a highly respected technology solutions provider. Certifications Atlassian Certified Jira Service Desk Administrator Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software

Isos Technology’s 15th Anniversary: 15 Questions to Celebrate 15 Years of Serving the IT Industry

Technology, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Culture

The month of June marks Isos Technology’s 15th anniversary, and we couldn’t be prouder of where we came from, more grateful for where we are, or more excited about the future.

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REST API Authentication Script

Atlassian, Jira


This article is for anyone making basic Jira REST API calls that have not explored the use of sessions. While the ideas in this blog can also be used for tools like Postman and Paw, it is focused on terminal[...]

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Kickstart Atlassian in Docker

Confluence, Atlassian, Jira


Have you ever wanted to run Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian products in a jiffy so that you can test something without affecting your existing environments? This blog will give you the kickstart you need to[...]

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Up and Running with Homebrew - part 2

Development Process, Software Development, Spring, Git, Java

In my last blog entry I walked you through the setup of a Java/Maven/Git development environment on OS X using Homebrew. In this entry I will walk you through a project using this new developer setup.

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Forcing Myself to Learn by Teaching

Development Process, Culture

Time to learn!

I'll admit it — I'm lazy. Often times the hardest thing to do is motivate myself to learn new technologies, particularly if I've been busy or I have other obligations. It is especially hard if you're not[...]

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Portal Applications: Single Sign On with Portlets

Portal, Software Solutions


This blog will cover at a minimum what you need to do for a simple form-based Single Sign On (SSO) in the context of a portlet, though parts of it could be applicable for any application. This scenario will[...]

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How to Migrate from CVS to Git: A Step by Step Guide

Software Development, Software Solutions, Git

Sometimes during a long running client project, you get to make a big exciting change that benefits you as a developer. Most of my career has been dedicated to helping clients evolve their projects by introducing new[...]

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Another Visit to Desert Code Camp

Software Development, Atlassian, Software Solutions

I wanted to take a quick break from my normal routine of writing portal blogs and write about my visit to Desert Code Camp on November 9th. It was a long Saturday, but I got a chance to unwind a bit, hang out and[...]

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Back Button Considerations for Portlets

Software Development, Portal, Software Solutions

In a portal developer's perfect world, or any web developer's for that matter, a browser wouldn't have a back button.  But we know this is not the world we live in and, in fact, users LOVE their back button.[...]

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Portlet Basics: Passing Objects

Software Development, Portal, Software Solutions


Hello and welcome to another short portlet lesson. This one is aimed at beginning portlet developers! I will concentrate on one of the basics of portlet development:[...]

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