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The Great Atlassian Cloud Migration of 2021

As COO of Isos Technology, I am heavily involved in Isos IT operations, and I regularly meet as a...

23 Feb, 2021

Isos Technology’s 15th Anniversary: 15 Questions to Celebrate 15 Years of Serving the IT Industry

The month of June marks Isos Technology’s 15th anniversary, and we couldn’t be prouder of where we...

3 Jun, 2020

REST API Authentication Script


This article is for anyone making basic Jira REST API calls that have not explored the use...

23 Jan, 2020

Kickstart Atlassian in Docker


Have you ever wanted to run Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian products in a jiffy so that...

8 Oct, 2019

Up and Running with Homebrew - part 2

In my last blog entry I walked you through the setup of a Java/Maven/Git development environment on...

27 Aug, 2015
Atlassian Tools

Portal Applications: Single Sign On with Portlets


This blog will cover at a minimum what you need to do for a simple form-based Single...

28 Apr, 2015

Another Visit to Desert Code Camp

I wanted to take a quick break from my normal routine of writing portal blogs and write about my...

5 Dec, 2013
Atlassian Tools

How Big Is Your Portlet?


As a consultant asked to maintain and expand portal applications, one of the...

21 Feb, 2013

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