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All Your Questions about Remote Work Answered (by Someone with Years of Experience)

Let’s face it...everything is disrupted right now. COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Every...

12 Aug, 2020


As I approach my Isos anniversary, I thought I would take a moment to share one of the things that...

17 Dec, 2019

Comparing Atlassian Cloud Licensing: Monthly vs. Annual

If you are considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud, it’s important to weigh the cost implications...

18 Oct, 2019

The Multitasking Myth

Recently I learned that it is truly a waste of time to try and save time by multitasking. Studies...

10 Oct, 2019

Exclamation Crisis!

I caught a blurb on the news the other day about the ongoing debate over the appropriate usage of...

26 Jul, 2019

Captivating Cultures

When I started working, back when I had really big hair and was excited at the invention of fax...

1 Jul, 2019

Do you Have a License for That Desk?

It’s finally here! Spring has sprung. I think this time of year is like no other. There is a...

28 Jun, 2019

Bring Your Oar

None of us is as smart as all of us.

24 Jun, 2019

Honor Flight: The Honor is Mine

You know how Isos bloggers typically write about things like Kanban boards, Agile transformations,...

27 May, 2019
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