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Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Merging Atlassian Instances in a Cloud Migration

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Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Merging Atlassian Instances in a Cloud Migration

Do you have the urge to merge Atlassian instances? Or perhaps you're on the verge of a merge? All kidding aside, consolidating your Atlassian environment prior to and during a cloud migration can be a tricky undertaking, particularly if you don't have the proper processes and tools in place. You must ensure that you check all the necessary boxes during your migration, and ultimately end up with a high- performing Atlassian environment that accelerates best practices in ITSM, DevOps, and Agile development.

Register today for our February 9th webinar, presented by Isos Technology and Atlassian!

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Streamline 311 for Citizen Engagement - Part 1

In the United States, 311 is a non-emergency phone number that people can call in many cities to find information about services, make complaints, or report problems like graffiti or road damage. Even in cities where a different phone number is used, 311 is the generally-recognized moniker for non-emergency phone systems. In our own hometown, Tempe, AZ, 311 is referred to as "One Call to City Hall."

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10 Reasons Why Power Scripts™ Has an Edge Over ScriptRunner

Both Power Scripts™ and ScriptRunner do a great job extending the functionality of Jira Server and Data Center, and both offer many overlapping features. The pros I call out in the list below are a good—but not all-inclusive—tally of reasons why Isos Technology recommends Power Scripts over ScriptRunner for script creation in Jira Server and/or Data Center. Of course, there is a smaller list of cons when it comes to Power Scripts, but fortunately it only falls short in a few areas.

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Searching for Jira Issues Within a Date Range

Generally speaking, Jira has a powerful and flexible search engine that enables locating exactly the issues that we want to see.  However, issue searches don't always return the expected results.

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Three Ways the Workplace Will Change in 2021

With the start of a new year, I've been thinking about what the workplace will look like in 2021 and beyond. With some companies, the transition to remote work was easy. For others, the transition is much more difficult. The workplace changed, but what will it be like in the future?

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Confluence REST API with Ansible

Using the Confluence REST API to create and update pages is fairly simple. The tricky part is knowing how to format the HTML body of the page in your request; however, you can use the Confluence web editor to format a template then grab the body from there. Making the GET request on the following URL will provide the HTML storage format that you can use to create or update a page later. Make sure to grab the value of the body where representation equals storage.

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Trust Isos for All of Your Atlassian Needs!

Looking to bring Atlassian to your team or organization? Whether it’s our Fast Track program to address your highest priority items, our Enterprise Rollout for installation and migration, customized consulting and training, or license purchases and managed services, we’re here for you every step of the way as you implement and refine your Atlassian toolset. Please contact me and I will tell you all about how our team of experts can start you on the path to Atlassian perfection!



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