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Atlassian Tools

Power Scripts' SIL Scripting Is, Well, Powerful!

If you use Power Scripts, then you know that SIL scripting can be used for many scenarios - Live...

18 Jan, 2022
Atlassian Tools

Establishing the Right Agile Success Metrics: Happiness, Adoption, and Value Delivered

An agile culture embraces continuous improvement, but the only way to be certain that your...

28 Sep, 2021
Atlassian Tools

Agile Transformation: Three Key Factors that Determine Your Success

Enterprise Agile transformation unquestionably requires a cultural evolution—or in some cases...

24 Aug, 2021

Atlassian Team '21 Insights, Part 2: Compass, Team Central, and Jira Product Discovery

In this installment of our blog series on Team '21, Isos Technology gives its take on some...

25 May, 2021

Jira Workflow Resolutions: Resolved, Closed, or Done?

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

I frequently get asked: What’s the difference between resolved...

6 Apr, 2021

Spring Cleaning: 3 Simple Steps to De-Clutter Your Jira Screens

Guest Contributor: Damian Rosochacki

One of the more common issues with Jira configuration is...

30 Mar, 2021
Atlassian Tools

Advanced Roadmaps #4: Capacity Planning and Communications

Today we are back with the Advanced Roadmaps blog series discussing capacity planning and...

23 Feb, 2021

Advanced Roadmaps #3: Org-Level Insight into Multiple Teams & Multiple Scenarios

In today's blog post, we will be discussing the multiples of advanced roadmaps: multi-team and...

16 Feb, 2021

Advanced Roadmaps Part 2: Building Smarter Plans

In today's installment of the Advanced Roadmaps blog series, we'll be discussing Advanced Roadmaps...

2 Feb, 2021
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