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A Foundational Guide to SRE, SLOs, and SLIs

DevOps is a belief system, set of principles, and mindset that informs how software development and...

4 Jan, 2023

SLOs and Error Budgets - A Measured Approach to Customer Happiness

Whether you're a mobile app provider, a SAAS software infrastructure team, or an internal IT...

13 Jun, 2022

A Pre-Checklist for SLOConf '22

Here at Isos Technology, we work with a lot of organizations to help them incorporate SLOs into...

10 May, 2022

SRE as a Service: Transforming DevOps from Build to Run

DevOps is all about constant collaboration and iterative improvement, so it’s no surprise that...

7 Feb, 2022

The ABCs of Site Reliability Engineering: SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs

The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) ethos was invented at Google as a new approach to DevOps....

18 Jan, 2022
Atlassian Tools

New Whitepaper Sneak Peek: A Breakdown of the Shift Left/Shift Right Testing Approaches

We're putting the finishing touches on our newest whitepaper, A Foundational Guide to Site...

12 Oct, 2021

Service Level Objectives (SLOs): The Secret Sauce for Customer Happiness

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are a great tool for driving...

14 Sep, 2021

[Watch the Webinar] SRE as a Service: Transforming DevOps from Build to Run

The recording and presentation slides from our August 25th webinar, presented by Nobl9, Dynatrace,...

31 Aug, 2021

Want to Learn More About SLOs & Error Budgets? Check Out This InfoWorld Article!

If you've attended any of Isos Technology's past webinars (and we sincerely hope you have...), you...

24 Aug, 2021
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