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Unlock the Power of Atlassian Data Center, Minus the Scary Rebuild

By now you've heard that Atlassian's Server products are going away (check out the details of the...

16 Mar, 2021

3 Great Reasons to Deploy Atlassian Data Center in a Public Cloud

Atlassian Cloud has come a long way since Jira OnDemand. It's an incredible platform for many small...

23 Feb, 2021

This CloudWatch Canary Will Proactively Monitor Jira

How do you know when Jira goes down? It's pretty easy to tell from both an end user perspective and...

9 Feb, 2021

How to Minimize RPO & RTO in Jira During a Disaster

In previous blog posts, we've discussed both the metrics to be mindful of during a catastrophic...

15 Sep, 2020

What is a Jira Snapshot and How Does it Help in a Disaster?

Hopefully, after my last blog post, you've spent some time inquiring and thinking about what would...

9 Jul, 2020

What Happens to Jira in a Disaster?

Do you know where your Jira is hosted? Does it live on that computer under your IT guy's desk? Is...

26 May, 2020

Synchrony Simplified in Data Center

Anybody who has implemented Confluence Data Center 6.0 through 6.11 likely knows that Atlassian has...

11 Oct, 2019

Onboarding New Consultants: Automatic & Isolated Learning Environments

We've been on-boarding more Technical Consultants lately and we've been improving how we introduce...

23 Sep, 2019

Batter Up Atlassian!

I love watching baseball. It's relaxing, it makes sense (most of the time) and the teams that win...

5 Sep, 2019
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