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A Pre-Checklist for SLOConf '22

Here at Isos Technology, we work with a lot of organizations to help them incorporate SLOs into...

10 May, 2022

Running the Atlassian Toolset on the Raspberry Pi


Ever since the Raspberry Pi debuted nine years ago, we here at Isos Technology have...

5 Jan, 2021

10 Reasons Why Power Scripts™ Has an Edge Over ScriptRunner

Both Power Scripts™ and ScriptRunner do a great job extending the functionality of Jira Server and...

15 Dec, 2020

Everything I Learned about Moving to Atlassian Cloud I Learned from Marie Kondo


If you're reading this blog post, you are most likely using the Data Center versions...

11 May, 2020

Power Atlassian Server Adminning With Sqlline

What the Heck is SQLLine?

Sqlline is a tool created 17+ years ago that allows someone to execute...

6 Apr, 2020

Getting Ahead of Atlassian Server Security

So 2020 was a busy year for the Atlassian security team. It seems like every month or so a major...

5 Mar, 2020

TL;DR What's the deal with Bitbucket Pipelines

We at Isos Technology are huge fans of Bitbucket + Bamboo for all one's version control and CI/CD...

18 Feb, 2020

Atlassian Cloud vs. Server: The Best Platform for your Organization

If you have attended any Atlassian Summit event in the past five years, the message is loud in...

11 Feb, 2020

Why should I run nginx with Jira?

Over the years the engineering team here at Isos Technology have helped 100s of clients implement...

4 Feb, 2020
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