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How to Use the New ITSM Categories Functionality in Jira Service Management

As Jira Service Management (JSM) has grown, Atlassian has made several enhancements to bolster its...

15 Mar, 2022

Already Know SLAs and SLOs? Now Meet Their Cool Friend, SLIs.

SLAs and SLOs have a cool, uncomplicated, and non-judgmental friend—Service Level Indicators, or...

17 Aug, 2021

#1 Decision to Make When Considering Atlassian Cloud: Time to Move?

It wasn’t that long ago that organizations evaluating Atlassian Cloud fell into the category of,...

8 Sep, 2020

Easing App Data Migration to Atlassian Cloud

When considering a migration to Jira in the Atlassian Cloud, one of the recurring client concerns I...

21 Apr, 2020

Atlassian in AWS as part of the 1% Pledge

If you have been following the Isos blogs or social media for awhile, you have probably heard us...

12 Feb, 2020

Confluence will make you S.M.A.R.T.er

A major part of the job of a functional lead at Isos Technology is helping clients achieve their...

7 Feb, 2020

Top 4 Benefits of Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

It’s been a decade since Atlassian first released their Cloud products, and today it's the choice...

25 Nov, 2019

Aligning on Agile

Last Fall I got roped into working on a SAFe whitepaper and webinar. While I had over 10 years...

6 Aug, 2019

Opsgenie is not an island

If you’ve started looking into Opsgenie, you are probably already aware of the powerful alerting,...

14 Jun, 2019
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