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Atlassian Tools

Power Scripts' SIL Scripting Is, Well, Powerful!

If you use Power Scripts, then you know that SIL scripting can be used for many scenarios - Live...

18 Jan, 2022

Learning and Growing Professionally at Isos Technology

To some, two years and nine months might be a short time to be at a company, but with the pandemic...

7 Dec, 2021

How to Use the Jira/Google Drive API

The Use Case: A Quick Overview

You'd be surprised by the many ways Jira is able to integrate with...

9 Feb, 2021
Atlassian Tools

Opsgenie Integrations are an Incident Manager's Best Friend


Opsgenie—a proven, powerful tool that specifically targets incident management—is now...

19 Jan, 2021

The Many Uses of Power Scripts for Jira

Every team has a long list things they'd like to automate to make their Jira processes run more...

17 Nov, 2020

Jira Service Desk Automation For the Win!

Automation? I'm in! Automation makes your clients happy, your IT Service Desk team happy, and those...

3 Nov, 2020

Be Collaborative, Be Connected, Be a Remote Team


For everyone still working from home, Atlassian tools offer teams a variety of ways to facilitate...

4 Aug, 2020

Learning Jira Behaviors

Lets start with the basics, remember you can't run unless you walk first, unless you're an Avengers...

3 Oct, 2019

Importing Google Sheets into EazyBI

Looking for a way to report on your Jira issues? Try EazyBI, it provides plenty of different...

25 Sep, 2019
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