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To some, two years and nine months might be a short time to be at a company, but with the pandemic making an appearance in that timeframe, it felt much longer. In that time, I've grown professionally and become much closer to my Isos family. Let me begin with why I decided to work at Isos Technology by saying that I admire a workplace that consistently prioritizes its employees at all times. 

You would think that working remotely would prevent the team and entire company from becoming a family, from connecting in ways that people connect when working at an office. That is not the case at Isos! On both professional and personal levels, I have been able to build relationships that I'm certain will last for a lifetime. From day one, I was provided the opportunity to complete trainings and credentials that would benefit my career in the long run. I'm extremely grateful for this, since it has provided me the knowledge needed to thrive professionally (I also continue to learn, but that's another paragraph, so keep on reading to find out more about that!).

On the topic of continuing to learn, I was able to seek a new internal opportunity when I moved from being a Managed Services Engineer to a Professional Services Engineer. What does that mean, you might ask? The Managed Services team's role is to assist our clients with day-to-day tasks, from setting up Jira workflows to performing Atlassian application upgrades, while the Professional Services team focuses on Atlassian migrations and lengthier, long-term projects. Now that I've shifted to the Professional Services team, I've adapted my daily schedule to accommodate planning projects that last months rather than days or hours.

I'm always learning new material and communicating with new individuals, but one thing continues to be important every day is one of Isos' core values, Aim High, Think Big. My new team has welcomed me with open arms, offering me guidance at every step, and I could not be more thankful to have such caring individuals around me every day.

Not only have I grown professionally at Isos, but the team also makes sure I don't forget to care for my personal well-being by setting up virtual coffees. This entails setting aside time to sip on some coffee and talk about anything and everything with a coworker—often someone from another team whom I don't usually work with. In addition to the virtual coffees, we have events like "Halloween Trivia" to simply have fun with the larger Isos family. Building these relationships has contributed to better communication between team members.

As always, at Isos, we like to Keep it Real (another core value), do our best, and remind our peeps to never forget about yourself and prioritize what makes you happy. Here's to many more years with my Isos family!

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