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The Cure for Overwork and Underwork: Atlassian Jira Software

Do you struggle with managing a team of employees, ensuring each is working efficiently and meeting...

25 Sep, 2023

Our Top 4 Recommendations for Cleaning Up Your Jira Service Management Instance

Jira Service Management (JSM) often sits at the center of an organization’s Atlassian application...

8 Sep, 2023

Our Top 4 Recommendations for Cleaning Up Your Jira Software Instance

If your Jira Software instance has been in use for any length of time, chances are duplicate or...

1 Sep, 2023

[New Whitepaper] The Jira Software + Jira Service Management Advantage

Atlassian first released Jira Software in 2002 as an issue-tracking and project-management tool....

25 Aug, 2023
Atlassian Tools

3 Ways to Reduce Your Number of Custom Fields

One of the best things about leveraging Jira as your project management tool is its ease of...

18 Aug, 2023

Generating a List of All Project Leads/Admins with Groovy

Welcome back to another blog where I will share some code to help optimize your time as a Jira...

7 Jul, 2023

Isos Technology Partners with GoDaddy on a Large-Scale Migration from Jira Software Server to Cloud

GoDaddy is a large multinational enterprise that provides a comprehensive set of business and...

30 Jun, 2023

Does Your Jira Instance Spark Joy? 5 Rules to Help Organize Your Jira Cleanups

If you were watching TV in any capacity in 2019, you probably heard or saw Marie Kondo touting the...

30 Jun, 2023

Using JQL Queries within Groovy

Here at Isos Technology, implementing custom Groovy scripts for Jira is commonplace. Whether it be...

30 Jun, 2023
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