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Our Favorite Apps of 2021

Recently, Isos Technology's CEO, Thad West, and Global Account Director, Sandip Patel, sat down to...

1 Feb, 2022

Advanced Roadmaps #3: Org-Level Insight into Multiple Teams & Multiple Scenarios

In today's blog post, we will be discussing the multiples of advanced roadmaps: multi-team and...

16 Feb, 2021

Don't Key That in Again! Simplify Recurring Projects with Issue Templates for Jira

We all have lists of critical tasks that need to be performed regularlythe kind where missing one...

12 Jan, 2021

Looking Ahead: More Jira Service Management Features Coming Soon!

Jira Service Management, the new product replacing Jira Service Desk, is a forward-thinking...

26 Nov, 2020

What IT Managers Need to Know About Jira Service Management

Jira Service Desk’s transition to Jira Service Management (on November 9th, 2020) will provide a...

10 Nov, 2020

I'll Have the Trello, Gmail & Slack Combo (to Streamline Remote Work)

Throughout most of my time as an accountant, I have worked in a traditional office environment....

29 Sep, 2020

SonarCloud, My New Favorite App for Bitbucket Cloud!

Guest Contributor: Cody Currie

In the past few weeks, our engineering team has added Bitbucket Cloud

14 Aug, 2020

The Difference Between Atlassian Cloud & Server Apps: the BigPicture for Jira Example

When moving from a server environment to the Atlassian Cloud platform, there are several steps to...

23 Jul, 2020

App Spotlight of the Month: VisualScript for Jira

Each month, we feature an Atlassian Marketplace app that we think is extremely useful and...

3 Jun, 2020
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