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Ann, a Principal Agilist for Isos, has a love for helping people improve their lives and sees technology as a big part of that. She has an MBA in Management and BFA in Photography/Media Arts, and her professional background includes Database Management, Large Data migrations, Salesforce Implementation/Migration/Enhancements, Business Intelligence Tool implementations, Agile Coaching, Large Scale Agile Transformations, and Non-profit Management. Ann's certifications include SAFe SPC, Certified Executive Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, SFDC Admin, and Qlik Admin. In her free time, Ann enjoys RV-ing, Viticulture, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Painting, and Career Coaching.

Top 5 Agile Anti-Patterns to Avoid at All Costs


What is an agile anti-pattern? In agile or scrum, anti-patterns are bad practices that folks follow in the hopes of making improvements. Unfortunately, they do the opposite by hampering your efforts and slowing your[...]

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Establishing the Right Agile Success Metrics: Happiness, Adoption, and Value Delivered

Culture, Agile, DevOps, Project Management, Digital Transformation

An agile culture embraces continuous improvement, but the only way to be certain that your organization is improving is to determine up front what success should look like and measure progress toward those goals.[...]

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How the Right Tools Can Transform Your Culture and Power Agile Adoption

Agile, Digital Transformation

As much as agile is a cultural change, it is one powered by tooling. An organization can adopt the right mindset and even begin to adopt the behaviors, but if their tooling isn’t configured to support those[...]

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The Critical Role DevOps Plays in Agile Transformation

Development Process, Agile, DevOps, Digital Transformation

In my agile transformation coaching practice, I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be for organizations that are not addressing DevOps to be successful in their agile transformation efforts. Agile and DevOps,[...]

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Agile Transformation: Three Key Factors that Determine Your Success

Development Process, Culture, Agile, Project Management, Digital Transformation

Enterprise Agile transformation unquestionably requires a cultural evolution—or in some cases revolution— and that necessitates a sea change in both mindset and behaviors across the organization. The two are[...]

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