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Isos_AgileTeam_v3_1200x628_2.16.24People are at the heart of every successful Agile transformation–their mindsets, the practices they use, and the agreements made between them and within their teams. In keeping with that people-first approach, we’d like to introduce you to the passionate Agilists, careful stewards of corporate culture, and Atlassian experts who collectively comprise the core of our Agile Services practice here at Isos Technology. In doing so, we’re sharing a bit about them, their expertise, and why they are so passionate about Agile and the outcomes it can drive.

Whether you're undertaking an Agile at Scale transformation or taking a more incremental approach, these are just some of the people at Isos who can help your organization take the next steps.


Donald Kemmerling, Business Development Manager

Supporting leaders and teams at every level.

Don has extensive experience as an Atlassian Scaled Agile Consultant, Agile coach, Lean Six Sigma team lead, scrum master, and Atlassian product owner supporting both global enterprises and Federal institutions with Agile transformations and implementing new business agility-focused processes. In his role as a business development manager at Isos Technology,  he is committed to understanding the unique needs of businesses seeking to bring about the benefits of agility in their organization and tailoring solutions that ensure clients achieve their most strategic initiatives. Over the course of his career, Don’s primary goal has been to drive positive change within enterprises, helping leaders and teams improve performance, boost product development ROI, and foster agility. 


Joshua King, Agile Transformation Lead

Bringing humanity back to business.

Josh began his agile journey in 2007 at Target Marketing, moved into agile coaching at IBM in 2011, and undertook his first enterprise-wide agile transformation in 2015. In 2018, he moved to North Highland where he grew its practice into a thriving business, all while working on the transformation of North Highland itself. Not content to stop there, Josh achieved his ICE-EC designation in 2021. Based on that wealth of experience across a broad range of companies, agile practitioners, and agile frameworks, he has developed his own, unique approach to transformation. At the forefront of everything he does In his role as Agile Transformation Lead at Isos Technology, is Josh’s commitment to bringing humanity back to business and ensuring people are able to be full humans while at work. 


Steve Farmer, Enterprise Agile Coach

Collaborating to create sustainable strategies.

For more than 15 years, Steve has been helping both large enterprises and small startups create scaled agile transformation strategies, adopt modern business practices and iterative delivery methods, and align organizational goals with delivery teams needs. As an Enterprise Agile Coach at Isos technology, Steve is passionate about meeting companies where they are, and working with them to clearly identify their desired outcomes. He excels at getting big results by making small, effective, and sustainable changes. 

In his spare time, Steve runs a nonprofit organization that uses technology to solve humanitarian and environmental challenges, produces and directs short steampunk fantasy films, and runs obstacle course races. He is also fluent in four languages.


Victor Galli, Enterprise Advisor

Aligning to what matters.

As an Enterprise Advisor at Isos Technology, Victor helps the largest, most complex organizations focus on what matters—and ignore the noise. He has worked with organizations around the world, in industries spanning defense, healthcare, energy, automotive, and infrastructure, to discover the problems most worth solving. Victor uses a proven approach to align an enterprise’s investors, board, executives, and teams on a shared language that shortens the path to business results, then designs holistic solutions with best-in-class tooling to manage goals, strategy, and work execution. To make the change stick, he prioritizes human-centered change management, including communications, training, and documentation. 

With a background in the sciences, humanities, and international business, Victor believes the greatest potential for companies lies in helping people reach their own potential first.


Danielle Paula, Principle Agilist

Identifying meaningful areas of impact 

Danielle found her calling when she stumbled upon agile, and has ten years of experience leading and supporting agile transformations within government agencies, listening to their pain points, and identifying ways for them to adapt within rapidly changing environments. As Principle Agilist at Isos Technology, she uses her expertise in enterprise agility, and a holistic view of the people, practices, and supporting technology involved in her projects, to identify areas of improvement and help organizations strategize and reach their desired goals.


Tracy Walton, Director of Agile Services

Building strong, healthy company cultures.

Tracy was a product manager struggling to grow and launch new features using a waterfall approach to software development when she first read “Succeeding with Agile" by Mike Kohn. The book, along with a little mentoring, changed the trajectory of her career forever. As Director of Agile Service at Isos Technology, she is thrilled to carry forward the impact that she has personally experienced from adopting Agile ways of working and thinking. Tracy is passionate about building strong, healthy company cultures where people can thrive, implementing practices that support Agile ways of working, and using Atlassian solutions to create transparency that enables leaders and teams to have meaningful discussions and make informed decisions.

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