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Atlassian Tools

An In-Depth Discussion on DevSecOps Transformations in Federal Agencies

In this episode of the Feds at the Edge podcast, David Vergano from the State Department and Justin...

23 Apr, 2024

JSM - Streamlined, Automated Change Management for Federal Agencies to Augment the DevSecOps Pipeline

Software factories throughout the Federal government, including the DoD, are turning to DevSecOps...

25 Mar, 2024
Atlassian Tools

Configuring Weighted Issues in Jira through Automation

Are you looking for a simple method of ranking the importance of issues at a glance in Jira Cloud?...

23 Feb, 2024

AWS Summit NY 2023 Recap: Top 4 AI Insights From the Conference

We had a great time at AWS NY Summit '23, where innovation and networking converged! There were...

7 Aug, 2023

Introducing Atlassian Impact! Get the Inside Scoop from Isos Technology

Isos Technology is thrilled to announce the launch of our new monthly podcast series,...

7 Jul, 2023

Key Takeaways from the 2023 “Automation in Action” Survey

Automating day-to-day processes has become a top priority for businesses worldwide. With the...

30 Jun, 2023

[New Whitepaper] The Complete Guide to Jumpstarting Automation for Jira Service Management

For ITSM teams across the enterprise, at almost every organization, pressure is mounting. There...
23 Jun, 2023
Atlassian Tools

Is Jira Automation for Assets Limited?

*Note - this blog applies to Jira Cloud.  Both Jira Service Management and Assets are great products...

20 Jun, 2023

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