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FATE-Podcast-RedIn this episode of the Feds at the Edge podcast, David Vergano from the State Department and Justin Leader, an Isos Technology consultant, discuss the key components of a successful, or unsuccessful, DevSecOps transformation. They cover the importance of collaboration, security best practices, and accurate metrics, and how those factors can make or break a transformation.

Security and efficiency are of the utmost importance in the Federal space, which makes engaging in large-scale organizational change like a DevSecOps transformation tricky. Some of the most common challenges organizations face include a lack of leadership buy-in, inadequate funding, and resistance to change.

To avoid these roadblocks, Vergano and Leader discuss the importance of a pilot program as a proof of concept for getting buy-in from leadership. By showcasing the effective use of automated reporting and increased visibility on a smaller-scale, individuals driving change can gain increased trust and funding from leadership. Incremental change is also easier for people across the organization to accept.

Full Episode

Listen to the full episode below to hear first-hand accounts of the ramps and roadblocks that come with a DevSecOps transformation. 

Feds at the Edge - DevSecOps Transformation


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If you want to learn more about what a DevSecOps transformation could look like at your organization, contact us! Our experts would be happy to help you figure out the best plan for you, while prioritizing security and compliance. For a real-world example of how we work, download our case study about partnering with Global InfoTek to help the U.S. Air Force implement better service management.  



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