Tad Fox brings strong visual design skills melded with solid technical knowledge to front-end client solutions as a User Experience Consultant for Isos Technology. Tad Fox has spent the last decade amassing and refining the skills to deliver amazing user interfaces and marketing content to end users. During this time, Tad has been involved in a broad spectrum of content delivery activities, ranging from closely working with clients in the molding of content to heading up design and delivery of innovative user experiences. Tad repeatedly demonstrates a strong artistic style in the creation of these solutions. In addition to his creative skills, Tad Fox has significant technical expertise in the technologies used to deliver web content. Being able to visualize a solution is of little worth without the ability to implement it. Tad's technical palette is filled with a knowledge of implementation and delivery tools oft lacking in purely creative personalities. In addition to the standard web toolset of HTML, CSS and Javascript, Tad has first hand knowledge of several development languages as well as the a knack for tearing dow the walls of applications to determine problems and customize accordingly. This expanded palette allows Tad to deliver user experiences that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tad Fox's expansive palette of artistic and technical skills combined with the ability to see beyond the bounds of what clients may be able to verbalize make Tad a valuable resource for Isos Technology in the delivery of exceptional client user experience solutions.

Multi-Focus: It's Like Multitasking, Without Having to BS

Culture, Jira

There was a post somewhere, and I hate that I can't find it so that I could cite it. I remember reading the headline and skimming the text, but then went on to other things. It was about "focus" being one of the most[...]

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A Boy and His Wall


With a new office comes customizations of every kind to make employees comfortable and exited to come to work, as well as hosting clients and other people who might come to visit us. The past two offices we've been[...]

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Design and UX are Due for an Evolution Bump

Software Development, User Experience, UX

Through the ages people have refined everything we do in everyday life. Change is the key to our progression as the human race. We have come out of the trees and caves and jumped straight through to the stars. Why would[...]

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Using HipChat for UX Part 1: Participatory Collaboration

Development Process, Company Culture, Atlassian, User Experience, HipChat

HipChat makes me happy. There are many aspects to HipChat that make it essential to any process. Once you’ve used it, it’s hard to adopt another avenue of communication. I’ve had the pleasure of being a user since it[...]

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Bootstrap 3 Clips for Coda 2

Software Development, Enterprise Application Development, Web Application Development, Software Solutions

I haven’t said much about Bootstrap, but the more I use it, the more I love it. I feel like it frees my mind up for the overall picture by making little complexities easier to use.As I’ve mentioned before,

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Shortcodes for the Shortsighted: A WordPress Solution for Extra Markup

Software Development, Software Solutions

Ok… that title was a little meaner that it was intended. When a designer chooses to use a CMS, the intention is for other people to be able to maintain the content. If a static site is used, no one but the designer or[...]

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Design for the Sake of Piece of Mind

Development Process, Software Development, Software Solutions

I often tell people, as I've learned, that the first rule in design is to "never design without a concept" and the second rule is to "never design for the sake of design." These two rules are very important and go[...]

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Responsive Web Design is Here to Stay

Software Development, iOS, Mobile Application Development, User Experience, Android

In case you’ve been living under a rock a bunch of new mobile devices were recently released: Two new sizes of iPhones, the Amazon FirePhone and Fire HD Tablets, new Android devices are popping up all the time (I’m just[...]

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