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Looking to Brand Your Atlassian UX? Isos Can Help With That, and More!

Atlassian tools are incredibly powerful, that's a given! However, our customers often tell us...

19 Jul, 2022

New Look, Same Great Taste - Check Out Our New Website!

If you've been following Isos Technology for awhile, you may have noticed that things look a...

8 Mar, 2022

5 Questions to Ask When Getting Ready for Atlassian Cloud

Very soon, Atlassian will offer Cloud plans designed for Enterprise, bringing with them some great...

28 Apr, 2020

Exporting Beautifully Formatted Documents from Atlassian Cloud

There are times where you need to share data from your Atlassian tools with people outside your...

6 Apr, 2020

Multi-Focus: It's Like Multitasking, Without Having to BS

There was a post somewhere, and I hate that I can't find it so that I could cite it. I remember...

28 Jan, 2020

A Boy and His Wall

With a new office comes customizations of every kind to make employees comfortable and exited to...

14 Jun, 2019
Atlassian Tools

Design and UX are Due for an Evolution Bump

Through the ages people have refined everything we do in everyday life. Change is the key to our...

31 Jan, 2019

Begin Your SAFe® Journey Today with Isos Technology and Atlassian

Begin Your SAFe® Journey Today with Isos Technology and Atlassian

Is your team interested in a SAFe...

3 Oct, 2018

So, Slack... Now What: First Things a Creative Professional Should Do when Switching to Slack

So your company has to switch to Slack because Atlassian's killing HipChat and Stride...

14 Aug, 2018
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