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Atlassian Cloud vs. Server: The Best Platform for your Organization

Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Cloud, Data Center

If you have attended any Atlassian Summit event in the past five years, the message is loud in clear: the future of Atlassian's product usage is the Atlassian Cloud. As one of Atlassian's premier solutions partners,[...]

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Why should I run nginx with Jira?

Atlassian, Jira, Data Center

Over the years the engineering team here at Isos Technology have helped 100s of clients implement and manage Jira Server (and Data Center). An essential part of how we set up Jira is the use of a reverse proxy to handle[...]

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Synchrony Simplified in Data Center

Confluence, Atlassian, Data Center

Anybody who has implemented Confluence Data Center 6.0 through 6.11 likely knows that Atlassian has made huge strides in how Synchrony is deployed. But none of those strides have been as awesome as the change introduced[...]

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My favorite Jira 7 features - Part 1

Atlassian, Jira, Data Center

The three years that were Jira 7

Now that Jira 8 has been out for a few months (and the enterprise version of Jira is currently pegged at 7.13.X), it is a good time to take inventory of my favorite features[...]

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Manifest Post Procesor: The Missing Manifest

Technology, Data Center

We here at Isos are big fans of Ansible and HashiCorp Packer. We use these tools (among others) to build pipelines that create custom images (including AMIs) for many of our Data Center implementations. During this[...]

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The Fit Giant

Atlassian, Data Center

The General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the most recognizable agencies in the federal government. With the large number of employees and assets under its management, it is a massive organization. This kind[...]

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Auto Scaling with Static IPs in AWS

AWS, Data Center, DevOps

With the proliferation of the AWS infrastructure as code model, saying that a system follows a standard deployment model can be a loaded statement. True, the basis for the system architecture can be found in one or[...]

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