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Choosing to make the decision to migrate to Cloud is a tough one. Although more than 90% of Atlassian's new customers choose Cloud, it still may not be the right fit for your company. Since Server is being sunsetted, (support officially ends February 2, 2024), I've pulled together a few key points to help you determine if migrating to Cloud is right for your company or whether Data Center is a better fit for your organization.
License Count

It makes sense to migrate to Cloud if your license count is small. With a small license count, migration to Cloud is much cheaper than migrating to Data Center.


Reduction of Infrastructure

The cost of maintaining infrastructure is reduced with Cloud. This leads to reduced overhead on infrastructure teams. 



Be aware of how much automation you have in place. Some Cloud plans have limitations on automation executions. It’s important to know exactly how much automation you have and whether it's within the limits of Atlassian Cloud. 

You can learn more about this on Atlassian's website.



Cloud automatically upgrades your Atlassian tools. This could be a positive or negative thing. There’s less control over the changes that happen in some Cloud plans, as changes are continuous. However, maintenance over upgrades on Data Center can be tedious and time consuming.


Testing Environment

With Cloud, you’ll need to be on a Premium or Enterprise plan to have a testing environment. Even then, there isn’t currently an option to move content from a sandbox to a production environment, and there’s only one sandbox allowed at a time. With Data Center, there are unlimited testing environments and apps that assist with moving content from one environment to another.


It’s important to review all business needs before deciding if migrating to Cloud works for your company. Look at all the limitations between both Cloud and Data Center to make an informed decision. And if you get stuck—or if you feel like you need an Atlassian Solution Provider to give you a recommendation based on your own, unique environment at your company—just remember that Isos Technology is always here to help.
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