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Are you considering migrating from Data Center to Cloud but unsure where to start? Check out the latest episode of Atlassian Impact for expert guidance! Host Erin Philips, Director of Product Marketing at Isos, is joined by special guest Galen Kralik, a seasoned Technical Project Manager at Isos Technology, as they discuss the complexities of Data Center to Cloud migrations, including typical challenges faced by organizations using on-prem solutions, the benefits of transitioning to the cloud, and how to address concerns related to control and security.

This episode focuses on the importance of planning, collaboration, and experience to overcome common migration obstacles, and strategies for successful migration to, and continuous improvement in, Atlassian Cloud. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • The key motivations and common pain points behind organizations considering the move from on-prem solutions to Cloud.

  • How Atlassian Cloud addresses the challenges of upkeep costs and ensures seamless management of security patches and new features.

  • Why enterprises hesitate to move to the cloud: control, security, and compliance concerns.

  • Best practices for planning and executing successful cloud migrations.

If your organization is considering transitioning to the cloud, you won't want to miss this episode. Tune in to gain valuable insights, and reach out to us today to begin your exciting journey to the cloud!

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