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Working with WSJF Part 1: What is WSJF?

Software Development, Agile

By Bob Wen

When working with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), you may deal with types of work that can be decomposed into Stories lasting longer than a typical Scrum iteration, while fitting within the time frame of a

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2018 Atlassian Product Improvements and Price Increase

Confluence, Atlassian

We all hate price increases, but they're often delivered in the form of something we all love, sandwiches.

Yes, the ole Sandwich Technique: where unpleasant, negative news is delivered “sandwiched” between two[...]

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Searching for Jira Issues Within a Date Range

Atlassian, Jira

Generally speaking, Jira has a powerful and flexible search engine that enables locating exactly the issues that we want to see.  However, issue searches don't always return the expected results.

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Diving Into Atlassian

Confluence, Technology, Atlassian, Culture, Jira, Atlassian Summit

By JoJo Salazar

I first met the Isos gang at Atlassian's 2017 Summit in San Francisco, where I was hired as support for their busy booth.

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Trello's European Vacation

Atlassian, Trello

This year, my family and I were fortunate enough to go on the trip of a lifetime. In January, my husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, so we decided to celebrate this milestone by going on a[...]

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Glass Hammer Podcast - Episode 2, Part 1

Culture, Software Solutions, Agile

Isos Technology is proud to bring you the first part of the second episode of the Glass Hammer podcast.

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What to Think About When Migrating HipChat to Slack?

DevOps, Slack

With Atlassian's announcement of the replacement of HipChat and Stride with Slack, Isos Technology was left with the question of what to do. We have been using HipChat as our primary ChatOps tool from the beginning. We[...]

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Jira Data Center Node Status

Jira, Database

With Jira Data Center and auto scaling becoming the most reliable way to run Jira in large organizations, node status and cluster monitoring has become an integral DevOps engineering duty. If you have been running Jira[...]

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The Fit Giant

Atlassian, Data Center

The General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the most recognizable agencies in the federal government. With the large number of employees and assets under its management, it is a massive organization. This kind[...]

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