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As more organizations undertake digital transformation efforts, Atlassian is keeping pace with the change by supercharging the product development of its cloud-based tools. Atlassian has written extensively about the benefits of its cloud product offering, and as big proponents of the cloud versions of its tools here at Isos Technology, we’ve written about it, too. Recently, Atlassian commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a deep dive into one of those benefits—costs savings—through an economic impact study. The results of the study, which were recently published in a report entitled The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Cloud, were clear: significant cost advantages can be achieved by migrating from Atlassian Server to Cloud.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the high-level findings, and from there, you can download the report to learn more.


About the Study

The study was designed to help organizations evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) from deploying Jira Software and Confluence on Atlassian Cloud. Forrester interviewed four different companies that had done just that, and created a composite organization called “Laud Jeans” based on the characteristics of the companies they evaluated. Laud Jeans represents a company with $5B in revenue, 33,000 employees, 100 teams, and 750 initial users. The composite was constructed so that the user base represented both the large retail organization and the mid-size technology companies that participated in the study.


Key Findings: Quantified Benefits

The study found that by deploying Jira Software and Confluence on Atlassian Cloud, Laud Jeans was able to achieve a 155% ROI and $1.79M in savings with a payback period of only 6 months

Key areas where savings were achieved include:

  • Cloud Productivity: $1.14M Savings

By migrating to Atlassian Cloud, Laud Jeans saved $1.14M in productivity costs, due in part to the elimination of four FTEs who were focused on developing and maintaining Jira customizations.

  • Hardware and Software: $654K Savings

By migrating to Atlassian Cloud, Laud Jeans avoided $654 in costs associated with maintaining and upgrading hardware and decommissioning server versions of Atlassian software and apps.


Key Findings: Non-Quantified Benefits

In addition to the quantifiable benefits outlined above, the study identified non-quantifiable benefits associated with the implementation of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, including scalability and consistency, plus quality of upgrades. In fact, one participating organization saw a 90% reduction in the submission of support tickets related to the tools, while time to resolve the remaining tickets decreased by 38%.

If your organization is considering migration to Atlassian Cloud, and you need to make a business case for the change, this report is well-worth reading in detail.

Download The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Cloud to learn more.


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