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Jump-starting Stalled Agile Transformations: How to Scale 1% at a Time

Are you facing challenges in your Agile transformation efforts? In the latest episode of Atlassian...

4 Mar, 2024

Meet the Isos Technology Agile Services Team

People are at the heart of every successful Agile transformation–their mindsets, the practices they...

16 Feb, 2024

40% of Transformations Stall. Here’s How to Scale Instead.

More than 40% of digital and AI transformations stall at the scaling phase, according to McKinsey....

29 Jan, 2024

Agile Fixes Everything: A Common Fallacy

How many Agile conversations have you experienced that loosely follow this script? "Let me tell...

22 Jan, 2024

Rigid Adherence to Frameworks Fuels Agile Fatigue. Here’s How to Ignite Innovation, Instead.

Agile, and its often unfortunate synonym, Scrum, have permeated organizations, promising faster...

12 Jan, 2024

It’s time to stop talking about psychological safety, and start talking about authenticity

The Struggle with Safety

Psychological safety is possibly the most important – and also meaningless...

2 Jan, 2024

[New Whitepaper] How Atlassian Solutions Can Help You Correct Misalignment and Supercharge Business Outcomes

When organizations are aligned, they have a shared vision, understand strategic goals, prioritize...

5 Dec, 2023
Atlassian Tools

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: A Product User View of Jira Software

Tools within the Atlassian suite can be extremely powerful for organizations by connecting work...

28 Nov, 2023

Slowing Down to Speed Up: Insights from AgileDC Conference Part 2

Don't forget to check out Part 1 of Slowing Down to Speed Up: Insights from AgileDC Conference!


20 Nov, 2023
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