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Advanced Roadmaps Part 1: From Planning Pain to Planning Panache

Hey there, people of the interwebs! It's me again, your fave Atlassian fan-nerd. I'm coming at you...

26 Jan, 2021

Join Isos Technology at Agile "Ari'Sofa" 2020!

Isos Technology is, once again, a proud Platinum Sponsor of Agile Arizona 2020! Agile Arizona, or...

10 Nov, 2020
Atlassian Tools

Your Burning Questions Answered: Jira Align, SAFe & Scaling Agile

3 Nov, 2020
Atlassian Tools

Webinar Recording and Presentation Now Available! How to Navigate Scaled Agile

The recording and presentation slides from our recent webinar, "How to Navigate Scaled Agile Using...

20 Oct, 2020

What Software Developers Need to Know: Kanban Boards in Jira

Guest Contributor: Cody Currie

Jira is great!!! We all know this. It's packed full of features for...

9 Jun, 2020
Atlassian Tools

Closing the DevOps Lifecycle with Agile Service Management

By Isaac Sacolick, President | CIO | Author


Agile development teams that want to innovate...

9 Jun, 2020
Atlassian Tools

Isos Technology at Agile Arizona 2019

By JoJo Salazar

We were sponsors yet again this year at Agile Arizona!

10 Dec, 2019

Aligning on Agile

Last Fall I got roped into working on a SAFe whitepaper and webinar. While I had over 10 years...

6 Aug, 2019

G.I. Agile: Defining Agile for the Federal Government

24 Jun, 2019
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