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At Isos, we're expanding our capacity to further assist our clients in responding to their greatest challenges and opportunities. To us, this means using a multi-dimensional, dynamic approach in order to create sustainable change in an organization. We interface a lot with the folks who are vested in tooling and getting the most out of their tooling investments, which is why this area is so important to us. Even our biggest Atlassian-fan-nerd clients acknowledge that their teams are not only inhibited or accelerated by their tooling, but also by the people using the tools and the practices by which they collaborate on and complete their work.  

Isos Agility Triangle

That's why Isos has developed the Isosceles Agility Triangle™, to help keep our clients from unknowingly limiting themselves, and to ensure they can make the most of the opportunities available to them. With this assessment, clients can discover the shape of their triangle, get a helpful visual aid, and find more resources to help champion the growth of Agile ways of working in their organization. Watch the animation below to learn more about the Isosceles Agility Triangle.

HubSpot Video

The information in this report is intended to help identify which areas a team or organization can work on improving, allowing them to respond to challenges in a more resilient and self-reliant manner. There are no good or bad scores: every organization is different, and what is ideal for one may not be for another. Assessments are fluid and often reflect the state of an organization at a specific point in time, meaning recent changes in an organization, like new leadership, mergers and acquisitions, or rapid organic growth, can all affect the assessment outcome. The value of strengths in some areas relative to others may vary depending on industry, maturity, and size of company.

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How well do you know your organization?

Are your teams heads down in tools, but lacking in practices, development, and focus of their culture and mindset? Do they have a strong, healthy culture but are weak in their tooling and practices? It can be hard to find the answers to these questions on your own, which is why we developed our assessment tool to be effective and easy-to-use. By figuring out the current shape of your triangle, and where your organization is in its Agile journey, it becomes easier to pinpoint what areas need to change to reach your desired goal. It’s difficult to figure out where you’re going without knowing where you already are, and getting an in-depth understanding of your organization’s current position is vital to setting future goals and objectives.

Contact us for a detailed assessment

While this assessment will provide some insight into opportunities for organizational growth, it is not designed to be comprehensive. For more detailed analysis and explanation, please reach out to Isos Technology and schedule time with us so we can help determine the best path forward, together. 

Take Our Isos Agility Assessment Now!


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