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New Webinar: How & Why to Engage Leadership in the Agile Transformation Journey

Agile transformation requires an entire company to become laser-focused on delivering customer...

9 Nov, 2021

It's Official! Isos Technology is an Atlassian Specialized Partner in Agile at Scale

We are thrilled to announce that Isos Technology is now an official Atlassian Specialized Partner...

9 Nov, 2021

How Vision and Culture Shape Agile Success Metrics

When discussing what's included in any agile-focused consulting service, agile success metrics...

2 Nov, 2021

Join Us at Agile Arizona 2021!

For the sixth year in a row, Isos Technology is a proud Platinum Sponsor of Agile Arizona 2021!...

19 Oct, 2021
Atlassian Tools

New Whitepaper Sneak Peek: A Breakdown of the Shift Left/Shift Right Testing Approaches

We're putting the finishing touches on our newest whitepaper, A Foundational Guide to Site...

12 Oct, 2021

Six Signs Your Agile Transformation is on the Right Track

According to a Statista survey of software developers, by 2018, 91% of respondents had adopted some...

4 Oct, 2021
Atlassian Tools

Establishing the Right Agile Success Metrics: Happiness, Adoption, and Value Delivered

An agile culture embraces continuous improvement, but the only way to be certain that your...

28 Sep, 2021
Atlassian Tools

How the Right Tools Can Transform Your Culture and Power Agile Adoption

As much as agile is a cultural change, it is one powered by tooling. An organization can adopt the...

21 Sep, 2021
Atlassian Tools

The Critical Role DevOps Plays in Agile Transformation

In my agile transformation coaching practice, I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be for...

31 Aug, 2021
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