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Automation for Jira: Smart Values in JQL for Advanced Filtering

Need some Advanced JQL for not counting time over a weekend?  Keep reading...

6 Apr, 2021

Migrating Automation for Jira Rules to Atlassian Cloud

Automation has become an integral ingredient in the overall recipe that Jira experts use to extend...

16 Mar, 2021
Jira Service Management

How to Create Kanban Boards for Jira Service Management Projects in Cloud & Server

With recent changes in the Navigation UI for Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk),...

8 Dec, 2020

How to Disable the Jira Create Button for a Jira Service Desk Project

Question: Now that we are rolling out a Service desk customer portal, can we prevent everyone from...

14 Oct, 2019

Automating Issue Security with Automation for Jira

In the context of Issue Security, the Automation for Jira app/plugin/add-on provides three great...

3 May, 2019

Jira Automation Report: 'Email Handled within 2 Days'

Sometimes, even with Advanced JQL in a Jira search, the data you need just isn't available. I...

2 Apr, 2019

Searching for Jira Issues Within a Date Range

Generally speaking, Jira has a powerful and flexible search engine that enables locating exactly...

4 Sep, 2018

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