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Moving Up in the World: What a Career at Isos Technology Means to Me


This is more of a personal blog post, but I think this story showcases what kind of a company Isos Technology is, and for me, it will be a nice thing to look back on as I continue my professional journey here at[...]

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Times Have Changed: 4 Ways to Engage Remote Workers

Remote Work

More and more companies are moving to a structure of all remote work, all the time. With organizations more willing to allow their employees to work from home, what changes can we expect? Here are a few predictions[...]

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5 Surprising Insights on the Important SRE Role

Jira, DevOps, ITSM, Digital Transformation, Jira Service Management, Site Reliability Engineering

Guest Contributor: Isaac Sacolick, President | CIO, StarCIO

Google wrote the book on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and many organizations have SREs working with their agile development teams responding to[...]

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Webinar Recording and Presentation Now Available! SRE and Service Level Objectives: 5 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Service

Cloud, Atlassian Cloud

The recording and presentation slides from our recent webinar, "SRE and Service Level Objectives: 5 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Service," are now available!

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Let Them Innovate: How to Encourage Ideation & Collaboration within Jira

Atlassian, Jira

Often, the best or most impactful ideas for improving and iterating on a product come not from Product Managers, Product Marketers, or Developers directly involved in the product's future. Instead, they originate[...]

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A How-to on Pulling Jira Active User Lists with Groovy

Atlassian, Jira

Here at Isos Technology, implementing custom Groovy scripts for Jira is commonplace. Whether it's for cleanup, complex post functions in workflows, or other needed administration tasks, most Jira Admins become very[...]

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3 Ways Managed Services Engineers Can Help with Your Atlassian Tools

Managed Services

Here at Isos Technology, I'm on a team of engineers who work hand-in-hand with our Managed Services department to get things done for our clients. Having our team as a resource for your Atlassian tools can be a huge[...]

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Migrating Automation for Jira Rules to Atlassian Cloud

Jira, Atlassian Cloud

Automation has become an integral ingredient in the overall recipe that Jira experts use to extend the power of Jira for teams. Automation for Jira (Jira Automation) has become the standard tool for enabling that[...]

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Unlock the Power of Atlassian Data Center, Minus the Scary Rebuild

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, AWS, Data Center

By now you've heard that Atlassian's Server products are going away (check out the details of the timing). Atlassian's Cloud products have come a long way in their first few years from the old Atlassian OnDemand[...]

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IT Managers Need This for a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Software Solutions, Atlassian Cloud, Data Center, Digital Transformation

Atlassian's shift to Cloud services is a pressing concern for IT managers and their organizations. The Isos team has the knowledge and expertise IT managers can rely on, built on almost 10 years of moving businesses[...]

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