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The Latest Disruptor: Let's Chat about ChatGPT

Has the workforce today taken full advantage of our recency bias from Covid, and strengthened our...

4 Apr, 2023

What You Need to Know to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud

Support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15, 2024. If you’re already using Atlassian...

4 Apr, 2023
Jira Service Management

Adding Formatted Text or Tables to Jira Service Management Portal Fields

Need to add a formatted help text or reference table to your Jira Service Management portal? 

4 Apr, 2023
Atlassian Team Conference

Get up to speed with Atlassian at Team ‘23 in April

Want to work smarter and faster this year? Atlassian Team ‘23 is right around the corner and we...

28 Mar, 2023

7 Things to Know About Atlassian's Jira Service Management (JSM)

Atlassian created Jira Service Desk in 2013, after noticing that nearly 40% of its customers had...

28 Mar, 2023

Why I Love Working at Isos...

After coming from a background in corporate IT, working at Isos is a welcome breath of fresh air....
28 Mar, 2023

Weld North Education Partners with Isos Technology to Merge Two Atlassian Instances within the Cloud

Weld North Education initially had two distinct engineering teams working independently in separate...

27 Mar, 2023

[Upcoming Webinar] How to Expertly Evaluate ITSM Tools for Your Organization

With digital transformation becoming increasingly important for organizations wanting to get...

21 Mar, 2023

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

Are you working too fast? Do you find you or your team consistently working overtime or missing...

21 Mar, 2023
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